Walk the length of the World Heritage Site

The view of the Sound, the sight of the peregrine falcon hovering along the cliff, the gentle lapping or wild roar of the waves – it is all food for the soul. Put on your walking boots and discover the cliff at close range.

Stevns Klint is perfect for walkers. The 21-kilometre Trampesti leads extends from Bøgeskov Harbour in the north to Rødvig in the south and is exclusively for the use of pedestrians. The path runs over privately-owned land and fields, which means it gets ploughed and then has to be trodden down again. Please show consideration for landowners and other users of the Trampesti. You are welcome to bring your dog, and make sure you have poo bags with you.

Walking on the Trampesti, you will pass the eight ‘pearls’ of Stevns Klint – eight sights that are located along the coast like pearls on a string. You can walk all the way or just on parts of it. Whatever you choose, you are in for a unique experience of nature as you walk along the cliff edge – fields, wild nature, abandoned chalk and limestone quarries, unforgettable views, and remnants of the Cold War. At Mandehoved and in Boesdal Limestone Quarry there are shelters, if you divide the trip into stages.

Guided Tours

During the summer months, there are frequent World Heritage tours from Højerup – you can find details about then under our Events. You can also book a guided World Heritage Site tour with Østsjællands Museum.